Marine Logistic Services Darwin


Crane Hire

Shorelands employs highly trained, qualified staff from a variety of disciplines ensuring quality and flexible services.

Fleet capability:
• 15T to 25T Franna
• 16T to 160 T Slew Cranes
• 3T to 130T Crawler Cranes

• Prime mover and a range of trailer combinations to support crane delivery and general client logistics needs.


Barge & Freight Logistics

Our experienced masters have first-hand knowledge on a number of remote waterways and access to bush communities, including the ability to make beach landings and wharf moorings as required.

Prompt & Reliable services
• Clearly defined schedules
Flexible cargo management
Operate flexible port facility
Large undercover storage capacity
Bulk Fuel capability
Freezer & Chiller transport capability
• Container & Pallet logistics
Pallet wrapping services
• Quarantine services


Oversized Transport Specialists

4 Prime Movers including a Supertilt and various Trailer combinations. Shorelands employs highly trained, qualified staff from a variety of disciplines ensuring quality and flexible services.


High Voltage Live Power Specialist

Shorelands is the only crane company in the NT that has been trained in high voltage work with Power and Water. The company undertook more than a month’s intensive training to be able to facilitate cranes lifting live wires whilst towers are being worked on.


Supply Base Management

Shore Barge has over 15 years experience in managing a fully integrated and operational common user Supply Base facility.

We simplify complexity by applying broad range of experience and local knowledge, to deliver a tailored customer solutions in an efficient and safe work environment.

We have a flexible Stevedore crew and a range of mobile cargo loading equipment to support project work.  We manage both Diesel and Jet A fuel storage & transportation.  In addition, we provide specialised maintenance support through in-house capability.


Quayside Facility with Warehouse

Facility includes:
1,500m. Warehouse, storage and maintenance shed
• 40,000m. of Laydown area
• Heavy Lift Machinery
• Bunded Bulk Fuel storage facility, including 115,000 Diesel Tank and 92,000 Jet A Fuel Tank

Wharf consists of two pockets enabling hassle free loading of barge vessels. Our North Easter pocket is the largest at 600m. which affords relief from tidal current influence. The South Western pocket of 214m. offers sea level access by land side staff supporting small craft loading and unloading.
The terminal is equipped with a range of cranes from a 3 T Unicto 160T ATF160-5 Crane.



We have a range of forklifts to support our services, forklift’s from 2T upto 16T