Cargo Management Services

At Shorelands Group, we offer a broad range of cargo management services to ensure the safe and secure transport of your cargo. From barge and freight logistics to supply base management, we do it all.
No matter your shipping needs, we’re here to offer you the best service at the best price. We take care of all aspects of your shipment, from loading to unloading, storage to transportation, and distribution. All just one call away!
Keep reading to learn about the cargo management services we offer across Darwin.

Sea Cargo

We proudly handle barge and freight shipments across a number of industries, taking the utmost care in every aspect of our work. With our team’s clearly defined schedules and prompt, reliable services, you can be sure cargo will reach its destination safely.

The Shorelands Group team is experienced in remote waterway travel and accessing bush communities. We can make wharf moorings and beach landings as required—so wherever you need your cargo, we’ll take it there.

We guarantee speedy and reliable cargo transport with our fleet of barge and freight services and offer pallet wrapping, quarantine and other solutions to ensure that your goods are safe during transit.

cargo crane and shiploading
Transportation Of Cargoes

Inland Transport

We’re not only experts in sea cargo—we can manage all your inland transport needs, too. Our oversized transport specialists use a fleet of four prime movers, including a Supertilt, to get your cargo securely from A to B.

At Shorelands, we only employ highly-trained, dedicated, and experienced staff to ensure quality services each and every time.

Project Management And Planning

When moving oversized and bulk cargo, unexpected challenges and conflicts can arise. We don’t want any issues to impact your transport experience.

That’s why our staff are highly trained in project management and planning to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Man Checking The Cargo
A High Voltage Work

High-voltage Work

Did you know that Shorelands is the only Northern Territory crane company highly trained in high voltage work with water and power? To achieve this title, our team undertook over a month of intensive training, allowing us to lift live wires with our cranes during tower work.

For any high-voltage work in the NT, Shorelands Group is the way to go.

Crane Hire

If you need to hire a crane, we have a large fleet of available options, including the:

  • 15T to 25T Franna
  • 3T to 130T Crawler Cranes
  • 16T to 160T Slew Cranes

We guarantee all of our cranes are of the highest possible standard. Each crane undergoes regular and comprehensive safety checks to ensure every machine meets industry-specific, national, and local laws and regulations.

Our prime movers (with multiple trailer combinations) are ready to transport your crane and manage all of your logistics needs. We guarantee flexible, high-quality service every time, delivered by a team of experienced and qualified staff.

Close-up Of A Crane
An Export Shipments

Quarantine Services

We also provide quarantine services for export shipments, be it food or non-food items. All you need to do is contact us about the nature of your shipment and we’ll take care of the rest. No hassles, no worries.

Transport Made Easy

When transporting by sea, it’s all about reliability and peace of mind.

We’re here to provide you with the purest form of peace of mind: the knowledge that your goods will be delivered on time, in one piece, and with no hassle. With us, your cargo will never go missing and your schedule will always be clear for what’s next. Our crews are as dependable as our schedules — we won’t let you down.

Whether it’s construction equipment, agricultural produce, or medical supplies, Shorelands Group is proud to offer full-service management for any type of cargo. Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

To get started, contact our team online or call us on (08) 8932 3344 for a free quote or to get your questions answered.

Transporting Cargo

Cargo Management FAQs

What is meant by cargo management?

Cargo management refers to the entire process of transporting your cargo, from loading and storage to transportation and unloading, as well as distribution. Cargo is commonly transported by either water, land or air and the management of this can be complex, especially when sending large quantities or moving shipments over considerable distances.
The management part of the process typically takes place in logistic centres where activities can be controlled. At these centres, cargo is unloaded and all of the picking, sorting and warehousing takes place. This is where Shorelands Group can help you. We can assist you with any of the above and ensure that your important items seamlessly make it to their final destination. We dedicate ourselves to providing a quick and effortless process for you, so make sure to get in touch with us today to find out about our barge and freight services.

What is the difference between logistics and cargo?

Cargo refers to physical items or products that need to be transported, usually by air, land or sky. This tends to be via shipping containers but can also include railways, trucks or vans that transport the goods. On the other hand, logistics refers to the science and planning that goes into arranging the movement of these items. So, logistics is effectively the process of organising the transportation of the cargo.

What is the difference between barge and cargo?

One of the main differences is that barges are not self-propelled, making them more difficult to control and manoeuvre. They are also commonly used for shorter journeys and don’t normally travel across international waters – generally, they are used for transportation around inland waterways. Alternatively, a cargo ship can travel across seas and oceans and has the capability to carry cargo or people, which makes it more versatile in its uses.

What are the different types of cargo?

The type of cargo you want to transport can make a huge difference when it comes to how your cargo is shipped and therefore how much the process will cost you. For this reason, it is key that you understand what type of cargo you have. There are a few categories that cargo can be divided into:

  • Containers – One of the most common kinds of cargo is shipping containers. These come in a range of sizes and can be filled with anything from toys to electronics or even refrigerated goods. We can advise on the best container for your cargo to make sure it’s delivered safely.
  • Dry bulk cargo – This usually refers to materials like sand, iron core or gravel which are moved in large amounts and ordinarily aren’t packaged up.
  • Liquid bulk cargo – This cargo is any liquid or liquid gas. This requires a specific kind of tank and can include materials like crude oil or vegetable oil, wine, natural gas or even chemicals.
  • Break bulk – Otherwise known as general cargo, this refers to pieces of cargo that are not in a container and will be placed directly on the ship or in a crate. This is often used for industrial items and can include steel rods, pipes and generators.
  • Roll-on, roll-off – This is any cargo that can be rolled onto and rolled off a ship. For example, things like cars, buses, tractors and wheeled containers.

For more guidance on the right type of cargo for your shipment, contact us at Shorelands Group on 08 8932 3344 or

Free quotes and enquiries welcome!